Secret setting to shoot outstanding footage 📷 Xiaomi Yi Action cam – powerfull 💪Yi Pro app

I would like to practically explain what auto knee setting is. You can find it in advanced camera settings in Yi Pro app. Imagine You want to take a photo of a person who is standing in dark room and background is light window. Or the other way round – You want to shoot a photo of someone who is in the car, in the dark, but outside it is very light. Or maybe You are thinking about shooting long time exposure.
This is where You have to work with auto knee to dramatically improve results. There are three great things about auto knee:
  1. It works for both photo and video
  2. It works on the preview in Yi Pro app so You know what to expect
  3. 99% of the other users have no clue about this setting so when You learn it, You will put Yourself in 1% super skilled photographers or video makers. I don’t have to mention how better Your footage will be.
I found an old room with dark grey walls and rich in details view outside the window to shoot this example. Look at those three photos and I suggest You to rewind few times and pause to notice details.
I recommend that You test things by Yourself and find Your own style. Please share results of learning with us in the comments below.

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